Green Energy Materials Development Center

Batteries have been developed to power an increasingly diverse range of applications from hybrid electric vehicles to portable electronic devices. Yet, anode and cathode materials used in current conventional lithium-ion batteries are not suitable to use in large scale devices (e.g., transportation and energy storage system). Goal of “Green Energy Materials Development Center” is to develop new anode (carbon-free anode with a specific capacity of ≥1000 mAh/g), a high capacity Li-rich cathode (≥240 mAh/g), and new electrolyte for high-voltage and long-term cycling stability. Moreover, our center is focusing on in-depth studies of anode/cathode materials, including in-situ (or ex-situ) structural characterizations of active materials during charging and discharging. Also, our center is strongly collaborating with Korean Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI) and Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI). Outcome produced in our center is not only connected to battery-needs industries in Ulsan, but also commercialized for large scale lithium ion batteries.