Information of 2016 First semester Seminar Series
Friday, February 26, 2016

□ Course Code: ACE590, ENE590
□ Date: Refer to the schedule below
□ Time: Wednesday, 16:00-17:00 PM
□ Place: EB1 E101
※ ACE590 Seminar is held in collaboration with ENE 590 Seminar. Both ENE590, ACE590 will be conducted at EB1 E101.
The seminar poster will be distributed on campus soon and you will be notified through email each scheduled week.
You must sign the attendance book on your arrival. To avoid disturbance, please arrive 10 minutes early.
Unavoidable circumstances (ex. Business trip) are excusable absences. You must report your absence in advance and submit relevant document.
If you don’t attend seminar less than 3/4 of the sessions, you may not receive your credits for this course.

March 9 is the first day of 2016 First Semester seminar, please don’t forget to attend.

If you have any question regarding seminar, feel free to contact me by email or 3544.
Thank you.