Notice of Application Period for 2019 Fall Qualifying Exam
Wednesday, January 15, 2020

☞ This email has been sent individually to Ph.D./Combined MS-Ph.D. Graudate Students of Energy Engineering/Chemical Engineering.

Dear graduate students of ACE, ENE Deparment,

Students who need to take Qualifying Exam in 2019 Spring Semester are required to submit relevant documents as detailed below.

A. Application Period : 2019. 11 . 5(Tue) 10:00 ~ 2019. 11. 19(Tue) 18:00

B. Application Process

① Students themselves should input application information on the portal system.

(Menu: UNIST Portal-Graduation-Doctoral Examination)

② All applicants must submit the following documents to School office after the completion of online application.

C. Required Documents

Course Work Applicant(~2017)

– Q.E. Subject Selection Form

– Academic Transcript(Print from Life-Campus Service-Issuance of Academic Certificate)

Written Test Applicant(~2018)

– Q.E. Subject Selection Form

Oral Test Applicant(2019~)

– Oral Q.E. Form(must submit the nomination of qualifying examination committee to School office after the completion of online application.)

D. Submit to : ECHE School Office (EB2 401-10)

※ lease read the attached guideline carefully!

※ Written test date will be announced after the completion of application procedure.

※ Q.E. should be passed within 3 years after being admitted. If not, a student may be expelled.

※ Students who submit the application for the qualifying exam should not put it off for next semester unless there are unavoidable circumstances. (e.g. academic leave, permanent leave, etc.)

※ Credits that were transferred from other universities shall not be accepted as Q.E. course work.

If you have any question about Q.E, send an email to

Best Regards,