[G] 2021 Outstanding grad students awards application

Academic notice
2021-11-02 17:22
We'd like to notify you of the application for 2021 Outstanding graduate students awards; there being any case of yours, you are encouraged to apply.

1. Qualification
1) Subject: ECHE graduate students & graduates in August, 2021.
2) Requirement: Publish 1 paper as the 1st author through the journals below in 2021
- Nature(sisters), Science, Adv. Mater., JACS, PNAS, Angew. Chem., Nano Lett, Phys. Rev. Lett, Energy&Environmental Science,
Advanced Energy Materials, ACS Nano, Advanced Functional Materials, Science Advances, Joule, Chem
3) Note
- Nature sisters must start the word "Nature"
- The grand prize goes for those who have published 1 paper on Nature(sisters), Science or more than 2 on the journals above.
- Those who have published excellent paper despite of those journals above also can apply for this with the advisor's comment written on the "Comments" part of the application form.

2. Application
1) Application period: 2021.11.10.(Wed) 18:00
* Later than 11.10.(Wed) 18:00, it will not be accepted
2) Documents to submit: Application form attached below and the first page of the paper (PDF file)
3) Application: Through email (
4) Inquiry: Im, Chaejeong at the Academic & Students Affairs team of College of Engineering ( / 052-217-1804)

3. Process
- Application -> Review by ECHE Public relations Committee -> Result Notice -> Awards (Middle/End of November / Will be noticed later on)

4. Remark
1) Grand prize & Excellence prize (The number of winner has not decided yet)
2) Certificate of merit and prize money will be provided

Application form (신청서)
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