Spring 2016 Interdisciplinary Project Guideline
Monday, March 21, 2016

□ For Whom:

– Students whose first track is ECS or ACE(old) and registered in the course “Interdisciplinary Project” this semester for graduation (Including early graduation)

– Students who major in ENE or ACE (new) and planning to graduate this semester (Including early graduation)


□ Schedule for Spring 2016

Contents DATE
Interdisciplinary Project Application via Portal ~2016. 03. 23. (Wed)
Interdisciplinary Project Period During Spring 2016 semester
Submission of Project report

and Request for evaluation

~2016. 06. 07. (Tue)


□ Application Procedure:

☞ Students whose first track is ACE(old), ECS must register both Interdisciplinary Project courses from their 1st and 2nd track and also submit the application via Portal Site.

☞ Students whose first track is ACE(new), ENE must submit the application via Portal Site.

  1. Contact professors in advance for nomination of Interdisciplinary project directors.
  2. Submit the application form via Portal Site(Enter Both advisor’s name and Project proposal).


< Nomination of Project Directors >

– Recommend to nominate each professor from student’s 1st and 2nd track.

– Acceptable to nominate professors from other school and Track.

– Project Directors should be two different professors(Main Advisor & Co-Advisor). Students cannot apply the Interdisciplinary Project with only one director.

– Students must consult with professors for approval of Project Director nomination in advance. If students submit the application via Portal without professor’s approval, Professor may give student Fail for Interdisciplinary Project Evaluation.


Submission of Report and Evaluation

  1. Students prepare their project report actively and self-directedly and complete the submission via Portal by designated date.
  2. After uploading report, students must request each advisor to complete the evaluation via Portal.
  3. When advisors complete the evaluation, students will pass or fail based on evaluation results.


< Basic Guide for Interdisciplinary Project Report >

– Format: Word file

– Font Size: 11pt, Font Type: Times New Roman, Font Color: Black

※ Other colors can be used for figures, pictures, etc.

– It is recommended to write over 100 words per section.

– Reference: ACS Style