[G] 2021-2 Qualifying Exam (Q.E)

Academic notice
2021-09-16 13:52
I'd like to notify you of Qualifying Exam schedule and process for 2021-2nd semester as below.

* For students who entered from 2019 (including 2019): The Qualifying Exam (Q.E) is replaced with Pre-defense
(It applies to all majors (ENE + BST + ACE))

- Concept: Q.E = Pre-defense = Presentation for research proposal

1. Application: [Portal] - [Academic Affairs] - [Graduation] - [Qualifying Exam] - [Application for Q.E]

2. Application period: ~ 11.30.(Tue) 18:00

3. Process and period
1) Submission of Research proposal within 2 years (4th semester)
2) Application/Taking/Passing the Q.E (=Pre-defense) within 2 years (4th semester)
- UNIST's official Q.E result report: End of December ~ Early January, 2022
-> So, students should be done with Q.E as of 2021.12.17.(Final day)
-> If you can't finish Q.E due to some situation like scheduling with committee members, you might have 1 more week after telling the staff
* Failing, there's just one more chance in 5th semester / Failing again, students need to graduate school with MS degree

4. Time: Presentation 15~20 minutes + Q&A 30 minutes

- PASS: Average of 5 committee members' score should be over 70 (including 70), and NO "F" among 3 evaluation categories
- FAIL: Average of 5 committee members' score is below 70 (from 69), and any "F" among 3 evaluation categories

6. Evaluation Guideline: Q.E-Guidelines

7. Evaluation form: Q.E-Evaluation-form

8. Notice of result: End of December ~ Early January, 2022
* Notice: through email
* Check out the result: [Portal] - [Academic Affairs] - [Graduation] - [Qualifying Exam]

9. Remark (FAQ)
1) The form for nominating committee members will not be used anymore
2) Providing 5 committee members with the Q.E evaluation form for each printing out the form attached above on the Q.E day
3) Providing 5 committee members with the brief Q.E presentation materials for each
4) In usual, the pre-defense means the pre-step of the final defense, so you might have pre-defense around 6 months before the final one apart from the Q.E.
(It's not a must, but you might have one if it is needed discussing with your advisor)

10. Inquiry: Kim, Minsun (052-217-1807 / / Bldg.108, Rm.U203-2)
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