[ECHE] Free English test for undergrad Application (for ECHE 4th graders)

Dear ECHE Internationals,

School of ECHE will provide 4th graders with free official English test to promote your English using abilities as below. 


1. Basic information

Subject: ECHE 4th graders – English test type: you can choose one from [TOEIC / TOEFL(IBT) / IELTS / OPIC / TEPS / G-TELP(level 2) / G-TELP(level 3) / TOEIC(Speaking&Writing)]

 – # of support: Just once during your enrolled period

 – English test fee: Up to 50,000 won can be provided for application fee


2. How to

 – Required documents: English test report + Application for English test fee(attachment) + English test payment receipt

– Application Period: You can freely submit it between April and November 2023 (You can also apply for the test from January to March)

– Submission: ECHE Administration Ms. Baek, Ahyeong (052-217-3557 / Bldg.104 Room. 401-10)


3. Note

– We do not support for English tests other than the English tests below.

[TOEIC / TOEFL (IBT) / IELTS / OPIC / TEPS / G-TELP (Level 2) / G-TELP (Level 3) / TOEIC (Speaking & Writing)]
 – Applicable only for tests taken between January and November 2023 (not applicable for tests taken in December)
 – The cost of the English test will be deposited into the account registered on the portal.
 – Payback up to 50,000 won
English test fee payback
49,000 won 49,000 won
70,000 won 50,000 won

– Required documentscan be submitted before November

 – payback schedule: July or December(If you submit the document between January and June, you will receive it in July)
4. Inquiry: ECHE(Ms. Baek, Ahyeong / 052-217-3557 / [email protected])
Thank you