Research Center

UNIST 해수자원화 연구센터 정보
UNIST Seawater Resources Technology Research Center
Representative Youngsik Kim of ECHE Professor. Vision
  • On top of the systematic studies on R&D field, related technologies have been developed for commercialization and industrialization by experts in various fields based on industry-academic cooperation at the center in UNIST.
  • In many areas such as seawater desalination, sterilization, hydrogen production, and CO2 capture.
UNIST 이차전지 산학 연구센터 정보
UNIST Battery R&D Center
Representative Jaephil Cho of ECHE Professor. Vision
  • Development of the High Energy, Flexible LIBs for the Fast Charging and Leader of the Next-Generation Batteries.
  • Building the infrastructure and boosting the researches to strengthen competitiveness of future battery system. A key role for secondary battery research center(or core-facility) by creating an environment to launch cooperative laboratories with industries and training high-specialized experts through performing industrial academic cooperative projects.
UNIST 차세대촉매 연구센터 정보
UNIST Next-Generation Catalysis Center (NCC)
Representative Jae Sung Lee of ECHE Professor. Vision
  • Support for catalyst analysis equipment and R&D consultation for Korean catalyst industry.
  • Support R&D of high-efficiency catalyst fabrication and process technology.
    Main service 1) Operate reactor and analysis equipment for catalyst development (request for use from outside)
    Main service 2) Consultation and advice for catalyst-related R&D and solutions to difficult technologies of companies.
UNIST 페로브트로닉스 연구센터 정보
UNIST Perovtronics Research Center (Perovskite electronics)
Representative Sang-il Seok of ECHE Professor. Vision
  • The research center intends to contribute to the development of science, technology and industry in the country through collaboration and convergence research with the faculty members joining.
  • Energy harvesting devices based on optoelectric and thermoelectric and piezoelectric using halide perovskite, LEDs, etc.
UNIST 미세플라스틱 대응 화공/바이오 융합 공정 연구센터 정보
UNIST SMILE Center(Spent plastic and Microplastic up-cycling for Industry,
Life and Environment through bio-chemical convergence Center)
Representative Young Hwan Kim of ECHE Professor. Vision
  • Creating a sustainable chemical industry by providing microplastic problem solution.
  • Development of Chemical engineering / Bio convergence source process technology for up-cycling of plastics after use.
    Strategy 1 ) Development of Chemical Engineering/Bio Convergence Process
    Strategy 2 ) Development of new concept Up-cycling process and source biodegradable plastic material
    Strategy 3 ) Demonstration of Industrial Source Application Technology Based on Corporate Demand