Date Division Title Attach
2023-12 05
Seminar [Seminar] Journey to find valuables from nasty gas through biocatalysis – Prof. Yong Hwan Kim (UNIST)
16:00 104-E206 Prof. Yong Hwan Kim (UNIST)
2023-11 28
Seminar [Seminar] Multidimensional Design of Polymer Colloids – Prof. Kang Hee Ku (UNIST)
16:00 104-E206 Prof. Kang Hee Ku (UNIST)
2023-11 14
Seminar [Seminar] Design Factors for All-Solid-State Batteries Employing Deformable Inorganic Solid Electrolytes – Prof. Yoon Seok Jung (Yonsei University)
16:00 104-E206 - Yoon Seok Jung (Yonsei University)