Research Center

UNIST Seawater Resources Technology  Research Center


■ Vision of the Research Center
On top of the systematic studies on R&D field, related technologies have been developed for commercialization and industrialization by experts in various fields based on industry-academic cooperation at the center in UNIST.

■ Purpose of the Research Center
In many areas such as seawater desalination, sterilization, hydrogen production, and CO2 capture.

■ Representative of Research Center
Youngsik Kim of ECHE Professor.

UNIST Battery R&D Center


■ Vision of the Research Center
Development of the High Energy, Flexible LIBs for the Fast Charging and Leader of the Next-Generation Batteries.

■ Purpose of the Research Center
Building the infrastructure and boosting the researches to strengthen competitiveness of future battery system. A key role for secondary battery research center(or core-facility) by creating an environment to launch cooperative laboratories with industries and training high-specialized experts through performing industrial academic cooperative projects.

■ Representative of Research Center
Jaephil Cho of ECHE Professor.

UNIST Next-Generation Catalysis  Center (NCC)


■ Vision of the Research Center
Support for catalyst analysis equipment and R&D consultation for Korean catalyst industry.
■ Purpose of the Research Center
Support R&D of high-efficiency catalyst fabrication and process technology.
■ Main service
Operate reactor and analysis equipment for catalyst development (request for use from outside)
Consultation and advice for catalyst-related R&D and solutions to difficult technologies of companies.
■ Representative of Research Center
Jae Sung Lee of ECHE Professor.

UNIST Perovtronics  Research Center (Perovskite electronics)


■ Vision of the Research Center
The research center intends to contribute to the development of science, technology and industry in the country through collaboration and convergence research with the faculty members joining.

■ Purpose of the Research Center
Energy harvesting devices based on optoelectric and thermoelectric and piezoelectric using halide perovskite,
LEDs, etc.

■ Representative of Research Center
Sang-il Seok of ECHE Professor.


(Spent plastic and Microplastic up-cycling for Industry, Life and Environment through bio-chemical convergence Center)


■ Vision of the Research Center
Creating a sustainable chemical industry by providing microplastic problem solution.

■ Purpose of the Research Center
Development of Chemical engineering / Bio convergence source process technology for up-cycling of plastics after use.

■ Strategy of the Research Center
[Strategy1] Development of Chemical Engineering/Bio Convergence Process
[Strategy2] Development of new concept Up-cycling process and source biodegradable plastic material
[Strategy3] Demonstration of Industrial Source Application Technology Based on Corporate Demand

■ Representative of Research Center
Young Hwan Kim of ECHE Professor.