[UG] 2021 Excellent Graduates Award (Cheif/LS Award) application

2022-01-07 16:04
We'd like to notify you of the application for 2021 Excellent Graduates Award (Cheif/LS)

[1] Basic information
1. Subject : Undergraduate students who graduated in August, 2021 and those who will be graduated in February, 2022
2. Application period : ~2022.01.18.(Tue) 18:00
3. Documents to submit : Submit one file including the form attachment + each proof
ex) (ECHE) 20222022_Lim, Chaejeong
4. Reception & Inquiry : Lim, Chaejeong (052-217-1804 / [email protected] / Bldg.108, U203-2 (2F))
5. Awards ceremony : 2022.02.17.(Thu) Commencement ceremony day
* The detailed schedule/method of commencement ceremony hasn't been decided, will be noticed around the end of January
6. Remark: Don't put any information for "Recommender" on the 1st page of the attached form

[2] Award information
1. Chief award(Ministry of Science and IT / Chariman of the board / Ulsan Metropolitan City / Ulju-gun governor / LS Award)
2. The number of awardee: Total 4 for College of Engineering
* Total 6 students in UNIST
* The number of awardee for each college/school has been set up with students to be graduate in 2021
3. Selection process
– [Application] – [Final 4 students in College of Engineering] – [Final selection by committee]
4. Qualification
– GPA over 3.3
– Enhancement of UNIST's honor (Participating in DomesticㆍInternational Symposium and contests, Publication on renowned journals, Talent donationㆍVolunteering, etc.)
– Students considered to be exceptional
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